Swimsuit DIVA Category (New in 2018)

The Swimsuit DIVA Category is one of our new categories in 2018. The Swimsuit DIVA Category will consist of only ONE (1) ROUND – One Piece Swimsuit Round. This category has an array of classes including the Newcomers Class.


Swimsuit DIVAs are to exemplify “a statement of Physical Health and fitness” to the general public along with a well proportioned body, beauty and must be photogenic.  Swimsuit DIVAs are judged on their physical appearance, beauty, body shape and tone, presentation, confidence, cat walk, stage presence and marketability.

Swimsuit DIVA Divisions

The Swimsuit DIVA category will be broken into the following divisions:

  • Newcomers Division (For those that are within their first 12 months of competing)
  • Junior (22 years and under as at 1st Jan)
  • Novice (has not won in this or the Open division)
  • Open
  • Classic (30 years and over as at competition day)

All divisions may be split further by height classes (ie. short, medium, tall) subject to final competitor numbers which will be known after the official registration. Competitors will be advised at the competitor briefing.

Competitors can enter in to more than one division ( ie. Junior and Open or Novice and Open etc..) if they desire, subject to the division age and applicable entry fees.

Judging Round for Swimsuit DIVA

There will be ONLY ONE (1) round in the Swimsuit DIVA category and this will be a:

• One Piece Swimsuit Round


Contestants are required to wear a one piece swimsuit of their choice and heels and asked to walk across the stage in either a T walk or Spotlight walk configuration. It is important to mention that strictly a one-piece swimsuit is required are required. Thongs or G-Strings are not acceptable however any style, cut or color is allowed.  Heels can be any height and color.

You will be judged on a total healthy body image, showing proportion and balance between upper and lower body. Beauty, appearance, poise, walk, posture, charisma, as well as your general impression and confidence will also be assessed and judged in this round, including Swimsuit choice.

NO ROUTINES ARE REQUIRED. Music will be provided by the promoters for your walk.

The round will be judged on the following attributes:

Our expert panel will be looking for fit, feminine contestants who display proper shape and symmetry combined with overall body tone and beauty. A well proportioned body with good muscle tone is expected. Keep in mind when choosing your Swimsuit cut and style that its helps accentuate your curves and body shape.


Our expert panel will be looking for contestants who have great stage presence and a very marketable look for Swimsuit modeling. As well as having great poise, posture and carriage, confidence, energy and charism are essential components to your presentation and stage walk.


Our expert panel will be looking for contestants who swimsuit best compliments their body therefore the fit, cut, style and color of their one-piece swimsuit should enhance Swimsuit DIVAs overall body shape, skin tone, hair and overall look.

Important Note for Swimsuit DIVAs: As our Event prides itself for its class and professionalism; it is important that Swimsuit DIVAs do not portray themselves on stage as anything less. Females are to ensure when standing on stage or performing their half turns to the front and rear of the stage that their feet remain together without excessive arching of the back. Provocative and sexual stances/facial expressions/gestures will be mark down.


Open and Classic divisions will be required to do an individual catwalk either as a T walk or Spotlight walk across the stage (type of walk will be determined based on the final competitor numbers) in each round. At a set point on stage DIVAs will take a moment to pose, do either a quarter or half turn and move either to the next set point on stage (if-T walk) and do the same or move to the rear of stage and commence the formation of a line-up.

Once each competitor has performed their individual walk each line-up of competitors will be asked to move forward for the comparisons to occur.

For the comparisons competitors will be asked to perform half turns, facing front of stage straight on then facing the rear of the stage. This may occur several times whilst being judged as judges may need extra time to finalise their scoring. (Note: No moves or stances of any sexual or erotic nature will be tolerated.)

Novice & Junior divisions will not perform individual walks, rather they will come on collectively in each respective group where by comparisons and half turns will be performed. 


An expert Judging Panel for the Swimsuit DIVA Categories will be made up of professionals from within the fitness, fashion and health industry such as Modelling Agents, Professional Fitness and Fashion Photographers, Talent Scouts and Fashion Industry Members, as well as some Internationally Recognized fitness Celebrities.


Every ticket holder of the event will receive 1 voting card on entry in which they will write (contestant number) their choice for first place female. Voting cards will be placed in allocated ballot boxes in the venue.


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