Male Muscle Model Category

Have you got the Muscle and the Looks? Take part in our Muscle Model Category and you could find yourself as the next Natural Bodz Cover Model to gain global media exposure!

The Male Muscle Model Category was introduced in 2013; It was a huge success with some outstanding competitors taking part in this exciting new category.  In fact many of our Natural Bodz Cover Models were previous Muscle Model Competitors in the Asia Pacific Championships. As a competitor you automatically get the opportunity to take part in a professional photo shoot with the Editor of Natural Bodz Magazine – Steve Jones. The shoot takes place on the registration day of the event. This is your chance to make your mark in the Fitness Industry be becoming our Next Muscle Model Champion.

We also have Male Muscle Model in the exciting new Natural Bodz Pro League providing athletes with yet another amazing opportunity to gain industry recognition and win a cash prize pool!


Our definition of a Male Muscle Model is an athlete that personifies the “Fitness Industry” on a whole. The Male Muscle Model Category is an Open Class* providing a platform for those with more muscle mass, good balance, symmetry and conditioning combined with the marketable looks of a Model. In general a Muscle Model carries more overall Muscle mass than a Fitness Model Competitor. This category is in fact very well suited to many Natural Bodybuilders who have good overall muscle size and good looks. We have numerous athletes that compete in our bodybuilding event and also in the Muscle Model Category.

Male Muscle Model Divisions

There is only one Open Category in the Male Muscle Model division

This category may be broken in to either height or age class and will be advised on the morning of the event at the Competitors Briefing. It is imperative that all competitors attend the Competitors Briefing, that will be held approximately 1 hour before show time and doors are open to spectators.

 Judging Rounds in Male Muscle Model

There will be two rounds in the Male Muscle Model category and this will comprise of a:


Contestants will be asked to walk in their choice of swimwear across the stage. Swimwear/ Beachwear can include speedos, short style shorts, though not board shorts or anything that hides or covers your quads or  runs lower than half way down your quads. As this will be judged similar to a bodybuilding round by the way of muscle development,  good balance, symmetry and conditioning it is important that judges can see at least 3/4 your legs and your upper body. No posing or routines are required rather a simple catwalk style will be performed. Thongs or G-Strings are not acceptable. Judges will be looking for the contestant with a lean, fit, muscular physique and best stage presence that is someone who can successfully convey his personally to the audience.


Contestants will be asked to walk onstage wearing their choice of club wear. Ensure your outfit compliments your physique whilst looking both modern and stylish. Suits are not required, nor are ties. Dress jeans, slacks or dress pants are suitable.

STAGE WALK Competitors will be required to perform a simple stage walk (Either T walk or Spotlight) there are no routines or music required in this category as background music will be provided by promoter. 

Each round will be judged on the following attributes:


Body Condition & Overall looks – 50% of Score.  Judges will be looking for fit, masculine contestants who display proper shape and symmetry combined with overall condition. As this is similar to a bodybuilding contest, muscularity, conditioning, symmetry and balance will be scored. We will be looking for athletes who are cover model material, athletic with a lean sculptured look.


Our expert panel will be looking for contestants who have great stage presence and a very marketable look for muscle and physique modeling.


Our expert panel will be looking for contestants who best compliment the apparel they are modeling and therefore can suit almost any type of attire.


Muscle Model Competitors will be required to do an individual catwalk either as a T walk or Spotlight walk across the stage (type of walk will be determined based on the final competitor numbers) in each round. At a set point on stage Models will take a moment to pose, do either a quarter or half turn and move either to the next set point on stage (if-T walk) and do the same or move to the rear of stage and commence the formation of a line-up.

Once each competitor has performed their individual walk each line-up of competitors will be asked to move forward for the comparisons to occur.

For the comparisons competitors will be asked to perform half turns, facing front of stage straight on then facing the rear of the stage. This may occur several times as you’re being judged and the judges may need extra time to finalize their scoring. 

Novice & Junior divisions will not perform individual walks, rather they will come on collectively in each respective group where by comparisons and half turns will be performed. 


An expert Judging Panel for the Fitness Model Categories will be made up of professionals from within the fitness, fashion and health industry such as Modelling Agents, Professional Fitness and Fashion Photographers, Talent Scouts and Fashion Industry Members, as well as some Internationally Recognized fitness Celebrities.


Every ticket holder of the event will receive 1 voting card on entry in which they will write (contestant number) their choice for first place. Voting cards will be placed in allocated ballot boxes in the venue.


The Natural Bodz Asia Pacific International Fitness Model Championships DVDs are available for those of you that would like to familiarize themselves with the running of this event also to view the fantastic competitors that took part in the Events, the individual’s stage presence and choices of suitable attire and the awards presentations. Click here for more information and how to order your copy.



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