Official Event Posters

We pride ourselves on producing not only a first class event but also first class Event Posters, Promotional Material and Promo Videos. These posters feature previous years athletes and not only serve as a promotion for the event but also serve as a great promotion vehicle for the athletes.

Our Official Event posters feature across all of our media networks, in print version in Natural Bodz Magazine, across all our social media pages including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you have an interest in sponsoring our event please contact us at admin@anbasiapacific.com to receive a sponsorship package.

2018 Natural Bodz Asia Pacific International


  • 2015asiapacific_poster3
  • 2015asiapacific_poster4
  • 2015asiapacific_poster7
  • 2015asiapacific_poster6
  • 2015asiapacific_poster8
  • 2015asiapacific_poster2
  • 2015asiapacific_poster5
  • 2015asiapacific_poster9
  • 2015asiapacific_poster1
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