NEW for 2018 – Classic Bodybuilding Category

Our goal from day one has been to provide more opportunities for competitors and we are very proud to announce the addition of Mens Classic Bodybuilding in 2018. 

Classic Bodybuilding Category Overview

This new category is for men who desire to emulate true old school bodybuilding encompassing classic lines, symmetry and overall muscle balance and aesthetics. Competitors wear the fuller style Square Cut Classic  Trunks while presenting themselves on stage in both individual walk and class line-ups. The judging will be based equally upon overall muscularity, size, balance between upper and lower body, conditioning, and stage presentation (Posing, tan, presence). Their may Junior, Novice, Open and Masters these will be classes determined after the final registrations are in.

Classic Bodybuilding Qualifying Criteria

Any natural athlete is welcome to compete in the Asia Pacific event regardless of competitive experience. 

Classic Bodybuilding Divisions:

The Classic Bodybuilding category will be broken in to the following divisions: 

  • Masters40 years and over as of the day of event registration.
  • Junior (22 years and under as at 1st Jan) 
  • Novice (has not previously won this division or the Open division )
  • Open (Short/Tall)

All divisions may be split further by height classes (ie.short, medium, tall) subject to final competitor numbers which will be known after the Official Registration. Competitors will be advised at the competitor briefing date and time TBA.

Competitors can enter in to more than one division ( ie. Junior and Open or Novice and Open etc..) if they desire, subject to the division age and applicable entry fees.

Judging Criteria for Men’s Classic Bodybuilding

Contestants will perform either a T-walk or a spot light walk  individually to the center of the stage in bare feet, perform favourite front, back and side pose and then walk off to the opposite side of the stage. All competitors in each class will then return as a group for quarter turns and comparisons as requested by the judges. Competitors may be split into groups of 5-10 for comparisons to ensure the judges can assess each competitor against the competition.

What is Mens Classic Bodybuilding Judged on?Competitors should reflect reasonable muscle size, balance between upper and lower body, good body conditioning, overall aesthetics and the ability to present their physique reflecting the classic compulsory poses listed below.  Posing attire are the Square Cut Style Classic swimmers. 

All contestants will be equally and fairly judged within their division and classes. This will include the individual ‘T’ or Spotlight Walk on stage and the in group line-up for quarter turns and mandatory & freestyle posing.  This category is different from bodybuilding in respect that major emphasis is placed upon aesthetics and emulating old school classic bodybuilding lines and symmetry. The MC will call out the Classic Mandatory Poses and quarter turns. These poses should reflect “Classic lines” and aesthetics, muscularity, balanced muscle size. 

Judges Scoring for Mens Classic Bodybuilding Category

The Mens Classic Bodybuilding Category judging criteria is based upon four, equally scored categories:


Symmetry 30%
Muscle Mass 30%
Conditioning 30%
Stage_Appearance 10%

Apparell For Mens Classic Bodybuilding Category

Contestants must wear Square Cut classic style Trunks that sit just across the upper thigh area. Dual colors  are acceptable but not excessive patterns. Competitors must bring their swimmers to the event registration for inspection. 

Questions relating to the Mens Classic Bodybuilding Category 

Please forward any questions relating to the Asia Pacific Mens Classic Bodybuilding Category to  We are here to help you bring your best condition and look to the stage so feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.