2018 Australian Natural Bodz ASIA Pacific International Championships Categories and Divisions

As the Australian Natural Bodz Asia Pacific is an International Event and therefore open to International competitors there is NO pre-requisite for any competitor from home or abroad to have to qualify. All competitors are welcome to compete even if this is your very first show.

Competitors can choose to enter in more than one category on either of the days subject to the categories age, weight or height restrictions and applicable entry fees.

Competitors from the Bodybuilding, Physique and Figure show can enter the Fitness Model or Male Muscle Model Categories if they feel that they meet the criterion that is set out in the links below and vice versa.

Event Category List

Men’s Categories

Women’s Categories

Teenage BodybuildingWomen’s Physique 
Junior BodybuildingNewcomers Figure Class
Novice Class 1 & 2 Novice Figure Class 1 & 2
Mixed PairsOpen Figure Class 1 & 2
Open Men Under 65kg

MastersFigure (35yrs+,45yrs+,50yrs+)

Open Men Under 70kgFigure International Newcomers
Open Men Under 80kgFigure International Novice
Open Men Under 90kgFigure International Open Class 1 & 2
Masters Men (40yrs+, 50yrs+, 60yrs+)Figure International Masters
CLASSIC (NEW in 2018)Bikini DIVA (NEW in 2018)
Men’s Physique Bikini Model

Male Muscle Model


Swimsuit DIVA (NEW in 2018)
Fitness Ambassador (NEW in 2018) Fitness DIVA (NEW in 2018)
Male Fitness ModelFemale Fitness Model
PRO LEAGUE Bodybuilding / Figure / Fitness Model / Muscle Model / Bikini Model / Physique

For information on the Natural Bodz Pro League follow the link below.


Changes for the 2018 Australian Natural Bodz Asia Pacific International Event

The following New Categories added in 2018 :

Classic Bodybuilding

Bikini DIVAs 

Fitness DIVAs 

Fitness Ambassador 

Swimsuit DIVAs 

With each event we love to hear feedback from competitors and from these comments we consider and make changes to further improve the following years event.

The following past changes will continue to stand

• Newcomers divisions implemented across several categories from 2017

• Removal of Routines from ALL classes from 2015

• Women’s Physique will have only One Open Class from 2015

• Introduction of the Figure International and Mens Physique Categories from 2015

• Bodybuilding, Figure and Mens Physique will be a one show format from 2015

• New Divisions added to  Bikini Model , Male Fitness Model  and Female Fitness Model Categories

• In 2014 the Open Model Category was repllaced by Bikini Model along with the removal of the Routine Round that was replaced by a Themewear Round.

• Fitness Model Round 2:  In 2014 Sport Theme wear round was expanded to include any Theme and not just sport to allow for more creativity. Sport active wear is still acceptable. In all cases the outfit of choice must still allow judges to be able to assess the athletes body and body shape.

• Any category that has less than 2 competitors, the competitor will be moved into the next closest category. This will be determine after the Official Registration and at the promoters discretion.