Back Stage


Competitors Back Stage Area & Helpers
Each competitor is permitted only one back stage helper to assist them pumping up etc.  You will appreciate that we need to keep the back stage areas as open as we can so all competitors have adequate room to pump up and prepare before their particular category.

  • Competitors are to present at the venue fully tanned so that only touch-ups are done backstage if required before you are called up on stage. Comp Tan Australia will advise of their Tanning Protocols. 
    Comp Tan Australia will ensure that competitors are prepared and tan ready for the stage. 
  • Other than Comp Tan Australia products no other tanning products are permitted at the venue.
  • The MC will announce when your category is required backstage before hand, and this will be your cue to go backstage. Competitors will be given ample time to get ready for division and therefore competitors are not required to go back stage any earlier.
  • Helpers will need to purchase a ticket for the event as per spectators (either online or on the day of the event).
  • The backstage area will be covered up with black plastic, however please take care not to mark any walls or areas that are not covered.
  • Competitors can bring their own weights or apparatus to pump up.
  • Competitors are to use the toilets back stage and not permitted in the toilets in the general foyer area as these are used for Spectators and regular patronage. 



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